Jewelry box finished !

It came out really nice, I am very happy. It sure will make some bead collector happy too. The drawers with inserts are great for all collectible charms and beads as Pandora, Troll, Biagi, Murano and more. In the box are two original rotating hangers for bracelets and necklaces and also spaces for rings and more jewelry pieces on the bottom of the box. I will list it soon in my Eskiebeads store at Etsy. collage-2016-03-08

How do you know you have a great hobby?

When you put dressing on the salad and think it is the color of newly painted jewelry box….
First coat is done, now I will finish inserts for lampwork beads and large hole beads and glue them into the drawers. There still a lot of work needs to be done – second coat of paint, distressing with sandpaper, coat of wax and finally assembly. Can’t wait for last step.

Box after sanding and first coat of paint

Box after sanding and first coat of paint

Shabby Chic bead display box

I am exited to Work on this refinishing project. I recently bought a few vintage jewelry boxes which I will refurbish and I will add some inserts into the compartments to store and display collection of lampwork beads. It will also work for European large hole glass beads and bracelets charms ( Pandora, Troll, Biagi, Chamilia, Luv Link Beads, Murano Glass Beads). This first box is taken apart, cleaned up and ready to be sand down. I decided to finish this box with Annie Sloan chalk paint, then to wax it and give to it a shabby chic distressed look in off white or soft green color. I can’t wait to see how it will come out! I will post some pictures before I will list the finished box in my Etsy Eskiebeads store.


NEW LINK – to Kandice Seeber Coloraddiction Blog

I added new link  to the  Free tutorials section. It is a link to Kandice Seeber’s Coloraddiction Blog.

Her testing of new colors is very helpful and the color combinations of her lampwork beads

are really inspiring. So check out her blog before you decide to buy a new color or  if you have

glass which doesn’t turn out how you’d hoped and expected. 

 I know the feeling after so many weeks of trying to make Rubino Oro work well.   Happy lampworking !!

Where to list the handmade glass beads for sale

After success with selling our display bead boxes in Etsy store I started to list my beads there too but  I made just a few sales and my beads were just sitting there . I added new beads and renewed them couple times  and changed pictures but all that gave me only few more sales.I found the easier and faster way for me to sell on Facebook just few months ago.  I joined a group of sellers (beadmakers) and buyers and I started to list my beads for auction there.  The rules for listing and buying are simple and make the transactions go very easy.  Of course I was exited when I sold my lampwork set first time. And next and next…..  I have to admit I wasn’t absolutely optimistic at beginning but after almost six months selling there I would recommend this to others bead makers without hesitation.Since my first listing on Facebook I came across another groups and I joined some of them too.  Recently I list my beads  in these bead auctions groups on     

Lampwork Beads For Sale

Lampwork Bead Market

Glass Beads for Sale

 *****  Looking forward to seeing you there and Good Luck ! with sales. ******



Lampwork tutorial #29 ROBOT

My first simple free lampwork tutorial is up on The Robot bead would be nice bead for Beads of Courage program.

By the way, did you know when word Robot was first used?  It was in 1920  when Czech writer Karel Capek used it in his play named  RUR.The verb “robotovat” have been around since 10th centure and it means to work hard  in Czech and Slovak languages.

Lampwork beads tutorial beads of courage by EVa Cadkova



Happy Melting!!!

Link #28 to Free Lampwork Tutorial

Today I added another link (already number 28 ) to my ” Free Lamwpork tutorial section”. The great glass artist Corina Tettinger shares the way how to work with hair-fine stringer.

Her tutorials are always easy to follow and so is this one. You can check out her beautiful lampwork beads at

She also sells line of jewelry interchangeable findings. The lampwork beads can be literally in seconds changed into the beautiful pieces of jewelry.

The Corning Museum of Glass – demonstrations of making lampwork beads

The Corning Museum of Glass is great resource for anybody interested in glass.   It’s a place with world’s largest collection of glass, showcasing 3,500 years of glass art and history.If you don’t have chance to go and explore the glass exhibitions or take  a class I highly recommend to check their channel on  I found two demonstrations I can watch again and again and I can always enjoy the hour  full of tips and advises  when watching the masters to make lampwork beads.

First one is  with artist Kristina Logan where she demonstrates  her precisely patterned and delicate lampwork beads.

My other favorite demonstration is with Heather Trimlett. I was amazed with the magic of making perfect twists and then applying the twists  to the lampwork bead.

I am looking forward to next demonstration of making lampwork beads which will be in June  with artist Stephanie Sersich.