Where to list the handmade glass beads for sale

After success with selling our display bead boxes in Etsy store I started to list my beads there too but  I made just a few sales and my beads were just sitting there . I added new beads and renewed them couple times  and changed pictures but all that gave me only few more sales.I found the easier and faster way for me to sell on Facebook just few months ago.  I joined a group of sellers (beadmakers) and buyers and I started to list my beads for auction there.  The rules for listing and buying are simple and make the transactions go very easy.  Of course I was exited when I sold my lampwork set first time. And next and next…..  I have to admit I wasn’t absolutely optimistic at beginning but after almost six months selling there I would recommend this to others bead makers without hesitation.Since my first listing on Facebook I came across another groups and I joined some of them too.  Recently I list my beads  in these bead auctions groups on facebook.com     

Lampwork Beads For Sale

Lampwork Bead Market

Glass Beads for Sale

 *****  Looking forward to seeing you there and Good Luck ! with sales. ******



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