The Corning Museum of Glass – demonstrations of making lampwork beads

The Corning Museum of Glass is great resource for anybody interested in glass.   It’s a place with world’s largest collection of glass, showcasing 3,500 years of glass art and history.If you don’t have chance to go and explore the glass exhibitions or take  a class I highly recommend to check their channel on  I found two demonstrations I can watch again and again and I can always enjoy the hour  full of tips and advises  when watching the masters to make lampwork beads.

First one is  with artist Kristina Logan where she demonstrates  her precisely patterned and delicate lampwork beads.

My other favorite demonstration is with Heather Trimlett. I was amazed with the magic of making perfect twists and then applying the twists  to the lampwork bead.

I am looking forward to next demonstration of making lampwork beads which will be in June  with artist Stephanie Sersich.


Beads of Courage tip

I found this tip for creating special beads for “Beads of Courage”. The Act of Courage Beads ( given for difficult treatment) should be the round beads about 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter.  Bumpies ( given for tough time during teatment)  should be also large beads with well attached raised dots.       

 Check it out at

Don’t undervalue your work

I found this great post about pricing lampwork beads but it can be used as an advice for pricing any handmade items. Also all comments are interesting and inspiring.  I know I am guilty of making the same mistake but when I compared prices of my display and storage bead trays at my store  with similar bead display trays at the Etsy market I realized I can’t go higher if I want to make sales. But with prices too low I couldn’t accept the offer to sell wholesale and I  lost some business.

The post can be found at

New style of tray for finished bracelets

This new style of the tray will help to keep your finished  bracelets well  organized .  The black flocking insert  and  the small eye hook for each slot  keep the bracelets safely in place.

The tray will be made to order. When ordering  let me please know your ZIP Code to find out the exact shipping amount.

Is e-magazine Soda Lime Times worth the money ?

When I first found about Dianne Woodall’s magazine I got the free issue at It was great so I bought one of the back issues which was also amazing so I decided to buy all the back issues and I subscribed to the magazine as well. Last month I purchased the advertising there for our display bead boxes. I got the June issue and went through all articles more than once. Again such an informative and inspirational issue. In couple of days I received an order from customer and when she mentioned Soda Lime Times I realized I was so amazed with new issue I even forgot to look for our own add!! So for me the amount of $ 4.95 per month is money well spent for helpful magazine and access to subscriber’s area on Soda Lime Times website.

Check it out for yourself – you can get your free issue at