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Link #28 to Free Lampwork Tutorial

Today I added another link (already number 28 ) to my ” Free Lamwpork tutorial section”. The great glass artist Corina Tettinger shares the way how to work with hair-fine stringer.

Her tutorials are always easy to follow and so is this one. You can check out her beautiful lampwork beads at corinabeads.com.

She also sells line of jewelry interchangeable findings. The lampwork beads can be literally in seconds changed into the beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Don’t undervalue your work

I found this great post about pricing lampwork beads but it can be used as an advice for pricing any handmade items. Also all comments are interesting and inspiring.  I know I am guilty of making the same mistake but when I compared prices of my display and storage bead trays at my store http://www.etsy.com/shop/eskiebeads  with similar bead display trays at the Etsy market I realized I can’t go higher if I want to make sales. But with prices too low I couldn’t accept the offer to sell wholesale and I  lost some business.

The post can be found at  http://artjewelryelements.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-price-of-lampwork.html