Welcome to EskieBeads !

Your place to find unique artisan lampwork beads and clever bead storage trays.

I was born in Czech Republic where the oldest discovery of glass beads dates to the Bronze Age so that possession with hot glass must be encrypted in my genes.  

I love originality and variety and I don’t think I will ever find my permanent style because the array of glass colors and chemical reactions of glass force me to experiment and create new series of beautiful lampwork beads.  The lampworking is relaxing, it is fun and it is also very satisfying  form of art. And did I mention addictive ?!

I personally don’t make jewelry,  but you can see some of my lampwork  beads incorporated into  jewelry pieces designed by my daughter. Her website and shop offers sophisticated  and unique jewelry and  jewelry making tutorials.

Please visit www.Purplelilacjewelry.com  to see her exquisite jewelry.

Thank you for visiting my website and Happy Beading !                                       Eva Cadkova

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